Connect with groups active in growing food, sharing knowledge, and increasing access to good kai in the Whau Local Board area.

Avondale Community Action

WORKSHOPS | Avondale Community Action run cooking and preserving workshops in Avondale, have a preserving kit and a community dinners kit available to borrow, and are one of the organisations behind Feed the Streets in Avondale.

Community Fruit Harvesting

PRESERVING | DISTRIBUTION | Community Fruit Harvesting is a charity that picks unwanted fruit from backyards and orchards around New Zealand and shares it with those in need. They also run workshops on preserving excess fruit.

Green Bay Street Food

EAT LOCAL | Green Bay Street Food aims to bring the Green Bay community together by way of quality street food options.

La Rosa Gardens Community Orchard

GROWING | La Rosa Gardens Community Orchard is a community orchard located in La Rosa Gardens, Green Bay, and cared for by a group of local residents.

EcoMatters Environment Trust

GROWING | WORKSHOPS | EcoMatters is a community eco hub based at Olympic Park in New Lynn. EcoMatters has community gardens and a food forest you can visit anytime, and runs workshops on growing and preserving food.

Generation Ignite

DISTRIBUTION | Generation Ignite runs a food bank, accompanied by community meals prepared by volunteers, to serve at-risk youth and their families in the Whau area.