Participatory Budgeting 2018: Vote

Four community-led local food initiatives have been submitted for funding and now it’s your chance to have your say what you would most like to see happen in our community.

The proposed initiatives are:

  1. Avondale Community Fridge by Together We Are Avondale
  2. Creative Cooks by Kelston Community Hub
  3. Whau-Samoa Walking Community Food Sharing For Healthy Diets by Whau-Samoa Walking Community Avondale/New Lynn
  4. Easy & Affordable Food Intolerance Cooking Classes by Green Bay Community House

AvondaleAvondale Community Fridge
We are in the process of installing a Community Fridge in the Avondale Community Centre. This is an opportunity for local businesses to donate unsold food for those in need instead of placing in landfill. We hope to be running from mid-April/early May.

A community fridge will reduce landfill, create community connections and help those who may be struggling to make ends meet. We would like to foster a community spirit within Avondale whilst reducing waste.

Contact: Together We Are Avondale via

Creative Cooks, Kelston Community Hub
Our cooking class is called Creative Cooks because we believe everyone can cook and also be creative if given an opportunity to learn new tips. Creative Cooks is a 2hr cooking class, based on the 4 C’s, being:

  1. Be Conscious when cooking for your family,
  2. Be Courageous to learn something new and add to the familiy table,
  3. Be Clever with your money when food shopping,
  4. Be Creative with your cooking that is healthy, tasty and everyone enjoys.

18623477_1539278076113996_7729427714498213691_oIt’s focused on zero food waste, using what you have in your pantry. This Creative Cooks is encouraging our diverse mums in our community to take a class sharing their cultural dish, but organised by our facilitator. From Spanish food, Maori/Pacific cuisine, to Sri Lankan, Cambodia, Indian, Maylasian dishes.

Sharing ideas, and encouraging participants to trying new cooking ideas for the family, posting what they’ve done on Facebook with photos Classes will be held at the Kelston Community Hub every fortnight on a Thursday, from 11am – 1pm. We are looking at starting classes in May or June.

Kelston is growing to be a very diverse community. Food is what brings people together. This class not only educates on creative cooking even with the basics, but as a community it brings understanding, sharing of stories, sharing of ideas, and it creates a strong connection. Discussions around places to access good food, spices, how to grow herbs, veges etc. It is also breaking barriers and the opportunity for cultures to connect with others outside of this class. Everyone who participates benefits, but its the families that will benefit from Mum’s view of new cooking tips and ideas, to the family table.

Contact: Kelston Community Hub via

Walking Samoans’ Healthy Traditional Pacific Foods in Avondale/New Lynn
Many Samoans IMG_5697and Pacific people are sick from diseases such as cancer and diabetes because of eating so many frozen foods with sugar, salt and fat. Many have forgotten how to eat healthy diets that are simple to prepare and these are traditional cuisines we used to consume back home and no one was sick from it. We will have people who can prepare these dishes and share knowledge of how to access good food to be prepared at home and save money. Recipes will be created for all the traditional dishes to be distributed: Traditional plates of banana soup without sugar, palusami (coconut milk with taro leaves), pokee (fresh rawfish with vegetables ) and steamed rice.

Contact: Walking Samoans via

Easy & Affordable Food Intolerance Cooking Classes in Green Bay
We would like to teach simple and affordable cooking or baking options that accommodate food intolerance sufferers. This would include practical tips for planning healthy meals and purchasing groceries on a budget, how to substitute popular recipes with intolerance-friendly options. Enhancing food’s flavor with herbs, spices and other seasonings while maintaining allergy-friendly status. This would be an interactive, nurturing, personal and fun cooking class to learn.

There are so many people with food intolerances nowadays and this can be a hard road to be on if you are new to limited dietary requiremefood-intolerancents and it can also be a costly one, let alone a bland one!

Our diverse community could really benefit from a workshop like this to learn an easy intolerance-friendly meal, dairy-free snacks, gluten-free lunch ideas, egg-free dessert, and other tasty, easy and affordable and family-friendly options.

Contact: Green Bay Community House via

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